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Visa requirements

Nationals who require a visa to enter Germany as a tourist must also apply for a visa if they wish to travel to Germany for medical treatment. As a rule, applicants must submit visa applications in person at the German mission responsible for their place of residence. A decision on a visa application for a short stay usually takes between two and ten working days. In urgent cases, a medical institution is able to issue a letter to fast-track the visa application.

牌九32张牌图案 Visa for the purpose of receiving medical treatment in Germany

In addition to the usual documents you will generally require the following when applying for a visa for the purpose of receiving medical treatment:

- confirmation from your family doctor that the necessary treatment is not possible in your own country.

- an invitation letter from the hospital in Germany which has given you a proposal for tests/treatment, a cost estimate for the planned treatment and a possible date.

- supporting documentation in regard to financing the treatment costs.

- EU citizens: an S2 form (previously an E112) with explicit agreement from your health insurer in your home country.

For non-EU citizens, medical treatment in Germany can be paid for from your own funds, by an approved international health insurer or via state funds in your home country. The decision as to whether a form of payment is approved lies with the hospital.

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